Claudia Meyer


While metaphysics teaches us to believe in existence and nothingness, Claudia Meyer’s art shows us matter and light. The essence of the artist’s creations therefore consists of flows and energy. In order to unite the latter, her creative inspiration draws upon all materials, including those produced by nature, and those invented by man. This expresses a great sense of freedom, as the artist’s hand fashions cubes, rectangles, walls and installations, which are illuminated by the material and revealed by light. Mondrian said that “art is artificial and nature is natural”. Claudia Meyer’s art depicts the imaginary in the reality of the material, which is magnified by the light and mingles, in turn, with the shadows of its structures, angles and volumes. The artwork guides and enables us to exist with the artist. The generous strokes and expressive lines show us that the material is full of this luminous and translucent vacuum. Movement emerges from the immobile forms. These spirals, these characters that resemble writing are imperceptible yet powerfully suggestive. They remind us of ancient manuscripts. Immanent and material, Claudia’s creations point to the transcendent. This transcendence that is so close to us is one of emotion and sensitivity. At the heart of the temporal, her art confronts us with the universe and puts man back into a living world and speaks to us about the unity of man and the beauty of all that surrounds us here and now.

Yves Zoberman, Cultural Ministry, France