Claudia Meyer


I had the privilege of knowing Claudia Meyer at a pivotal time in her artistic development – the three years she spent in New York. This was the period that I would come to recognize as her transfiguration from a successful graphic designer to an artist creating her own art. By ‘’transfiguration’’ I want to stress the extraordinary evolution in Claudia’s artistic life and underscore that there was nothing passive about it. To me, the change also demonstrated her artistic self-confidence, as well as her commitment and courage. From her work and our frequent and extensive conversations at that time, I could tell that she always had great natural talent and an intuitive feeling for design on top of solid formal training. This combination provided her with the opportunity very early in her career to work side by side with great professionals in her field. However, while the resulting and ever increasing financial rewards of her blossoming designer career were enticing, they did not satisfy Claudia’s true and personal need to develop her own art, unconstrained by commercial considerations. Claudia realized that this would require a total break, a shaking free from the financial comforts her profession provided. She achieved this with her move to New York. The city and its life provided the inspiration and energy she needed to define her own art – the horizons, moods, movements, people and colors represented so well in her early work. The intense passion for her art, her relentless drive for excellence, and her constant search for new interpretations have not left her since those early days – and perhaps even intensified since. Certainly, they are the elements that brought her success. Now, years later, looking at the artist’s work spanning this period, I see no repetition, no blind alleys and, therefore, the strong promise that Claudia will continue to give us more of her extraordinary and ever evolving art for decades to come.

Konrad Schlatter, Art Collector


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  • Introduction
  • La Storia
  • Volutions
  • Aquarial
  • Stalacts
  • Agoral & Lutece
  • Monographie
  • Ice & Water
  • Messengers
  • Coralia
  • Composis
  • La Naissance
  • The Book
  • Aquarial
  • Ondul’eau
  • Roses